How CBD Buds can help with anxiety and sleep loss

How CBD Buds can help with anxiety and sleep loss

Sleep loss and anxiety can prove to be devastating for physical / mental wellbeing. Often, individuals resort in consuming regular cannabis or ‘skunk’ in order to try and aid these issues but in turn can have quite the opposite effect. The consumption of CBD flowers / buds has proven beneficial in users reporting issues not only with sleep but also anxiety. If suffering with general anxiety, CBD buds can be consumed at the beginning / during and at the end of the day, helping to reduce anxiety throughout. Issues with sleep primary revolve around a busy mind, anxiety and the inability to ‘turn of’ at the end of a busy day, CBD flowers possess the capabilities able to aid these issues resulting in a deep healthy sleep. This article will help uncover the potential benefits CBD flowers are capable of providing.

CBD Flower / Buds and Anxiety.

CBD buds inherit very high levels of CBD (Cannabidiol) and possess very low levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol).

In recent studies by the BBC, participants when consuming cannabis with high levels of THC and low CBD presented negative side effects such as anxiety, nervousness and paranoia. However, when the same participants consumed high levels of CBD and low levels of THC, they were found to have no negative side effects and presented feelings of improved mood, a clear mind, relax / calming effects.

At dozeCBD our CBD Flower / Buds yield very high levels of CBD which have the capabilities of dramatically reducing anxiety and an almost 0% level of THC which has little to no proven benefits. Please be aware that company’s offering CBD flower with extremely high levels of CBD e.g. 25%+ will also poses higher levels of THC which are usually above the 0.2% limit. At dozeCBD all of our CBD Flowers are independently lab tested and provide the ideal levels of CBD and low levels of THC needed to experience the multiple benefits our CBD flowers are capable of.

CBD Flower / Buds and Sleep.

As previously mentioned, at dozeCBD our CBD Flowers inherit very high levels of CBD. This is the component of hemp flowers that are said to be beneficial for issues with sleeping. Our CBD buds possess the capabilities of full body relaxation, clearing a busy mind and reducing anxiety; all beneficial and imperative to achieving a deep natural healthy sleep.

CBD Flowers work in two parts in relation to sleep. When falling asleep CBD buds help drift off with unwinding properties helping to clear a busy mind and let go of the day. After falling asleep, CBD flowers then help to aid a natural deep healthy sleep. Research suggests after consumption of CBD Buds, the number of times users report waking up in the night drops dramatically, not just helping to give a healthy deep night’s sleep but also being able to wake up refreshed and ready for the day in the morning.

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