As well as our high-quality CBD Flowers, we also offer a range of CBD Hash at dozeCBD.

All of our CBD hash solids are hemp-derived, contain less than 0.01% THC and are in line with UK and EU regulations. Produced with a high CBD yield, our CBD hash contains non-psychotic properties allowing customers to experience some of the suggested medicinal benefits of regular cannabis without the illegal high.

Our high-quality and organic CBD Hash products are available in a range of strains, similar to regular cannabis hash in terms of appearance, smell and taste, and potency. Choose your CBD hash today for free first class shipping on all UK orders!

CBD hash has been associated with anti-anxiety and stress reduction qualities, may help those managing pain and can improve your quality of sleep. However, dozeCBD can not confirm any the use of CBD hash to diagnose, treat or cure any illness, disease or health condition despite on-going research into the health benefits of CBD hash. Please consult your GP or medical professional for advice. Want to find out more about our affordable and high-quality CBD hash? Call our friendly and informed dozeCBD team on 0161 706 0746 or drop us an email at

CBD Hash: Frequently Asked Questions

Similar to regular cannabis hash or hashish, CBD hash is the resin of cannabis plants. It consists of the plant’s essential oils including its cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoid properties. The difference between regular cannabis hash and CBD hash is that CBD hash is produced specifically to a high CBD yield and contains very little THC content, usually less than 0.2%, which is the illegal high property in cannabis. In terms of taste and aroma, CBD Hash and Cannabis Hash are very similar, and at dozeCBD we strive to provide our customers with a range of high potency CBD solids.
CBD hash can be crumbled, smoked, vaporised or used as a cooking ingredient to make tasty CBD edibles. There are suggested health benefits from using CBD hash, however despite on-going research into its benefits for people with chronic pain conditions, anxiety and much more we cannot recommend the use of CBD for any type of treatment. Please consult with your local GP or medical professional for advice.