CBD is an active chemical extracted from hemp seed oil and hemp plants. From a subtle 5% dosage to an extra-strong 25%, we have a wide range of affordable, high-quality CBD oil on offer for our customers.


At dozeCBD, our CBD oil is a natural solution and produced at the highest quality to offer potency at a competitive price. We make all of our CBD oil products in house at our industry-leading UK production factory using 99.9% pure CBD isolate extracted and imported from Germany. We also ensure the hemp oil used for our CBD oil is 100% natural and organic for an improved taste! 
A concentrated product, CBD oil or Hemp oil can be taken orally through sublingual administration (under the tongue). On-going research suggests it has plenty of potential health benefits from aiding a deep sleep, reducing stress and anxiety, helping to manage pain relief and achieving mental clarity. However, despite great advances into the scientific research regarding the use of CBD oil, dozeCBD products are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness or disease. Please consult your GP or medical healthcare professional regarding your usage. Interested in our CBD oils? Our friendly and experienced team at dozeCBD are available to answer any questions on 0161 706 0746 or email us at

CBD Oils – Additional Info

CBD is a natural cannabinoid found in cannabis plants, and CBD oil can be extracted from the flowers of the plant. Unlike THC, which is responsible for the illegal high in regular Cannabis, CBD has zero psychoactive properties and isn’t known to be addictive. At dozeCBD, we offer CBD oil ranging in potency and strength from 5% CBD oil, ideal for beginners, to 25%, for intense pain relief.
Although our products are not intended for medical purposes, and users should consult their doctor regarding treatment for illness or disease, on-going research from across the globe suggests there are health benefits to using CBD oil. These may potentially include pain relief, improved mood, a reduction in stress and anxiety, and help to rest and recover.
In the cannabis industry, there is some confusion between CBD oil and CBD vape liquid. CBD vape liquids are designed to be inhaled as steam or vaporised, whereas our dozeCBD oil is in a pure form that can be absorbed by the body when taken orally (under the tongue). Experts do not recommend vaping CBD oil.