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What is CBD Wax and How Should You Use It?

When it comes to CBD, that long list of potential health benefits tends to be the first thing people hear about. It’s no surprise – after all, from chronic pain to anxiety, digestive issues to insomnia, most of us can identify with at least one of the ailments that the science suggests CBD may be able to help with.

But CBD is more than that. Whether your tastes lie with CBD flower, edibles, or something a little more of a ritual behind it, exploring the world of CBD means exploring a wide range of flavours, effects, and, at times, ancient history.

CBD wax is the perfect example of how enjoyable CBD can be – particularly when it comes to maximising the experience through flavour. Here is everything you need to know about CBD wax, whether you’ve dabbled before, or just want to experience CBD in a new way.

What is the Difference Between CBD Oil and Wax?

CBD oil and wax don’t just look different, but they act very differently too – and some users will find that they experience slightly different effects based on how they use them.

CBD oil is made by extracting the cannabidiol from the hemp plant, then mixing that extract with a carrier oil. Concentrations can be low – say, 5%, which is great for beginners – or considerably higher – say, 25% – for those who have already built-up a tolerance and know how their body respond to CBD.

CBD wax is a type of concentrate, which means it contains very high levels of CBD (so you’ll only need a small amount to feel an effect). As the name suggests, CBD wax has a thicker, solid texture. It’s not quite as convenient to use as CBD oil, which can simply be added to your drink – or placed directly under your tongue using the dropper.

Still, using CBD wax is pretty simple, even if it’s not as beginner friendly as oil. The wax is typically heated – either in a vape, or the old-fashioned way – in order to create a pleasant, aromatic vapour that most people find more pleasant than smoke. Users often report a feeling of calm – a similar effect to the one created by CBD oil – when they use CBD wax in this way.

Wax can also be used in cooking, or the old-fashioned way: dabbing. Dabbed, CBD has a much quicker effect, since it’s entering the blood stream via the lungs rather than the digestive system. 

Essentially, you can make it as convenient as you want, or simply enjoy the process. Either way, you get those incredible flavours – and the calming effects – all at once. 

What is different about CBD wax?

CBD wax’s popularity largely stems from the fact that it can be incredibly flavourful, particularly when it is infused with terpenes.

We’ve written a full guide to terpenes, and how they create an incredibly wide range of flavours in different strains of the hemp plant. From fruits to earthier notes like pine or sweeter hints of biscuit or caramel, terpenes are powerful little things. When the wax is infused with a delicate mix of terpenes, users can enjoy a much more immersive experience.

Our ever popular Alien OG CBD Wax contains a mix of earthy, Kush, and fruity flavours. This makes for a rejuvenating, nuanced flavour profile perfect for the CBD aficionado.

This strong flavour is what makes wax a firm favourite among CBD users. Also, the fact that it works for dabbing and other more ‘traditional’ methods means you can enjoy the process of using CBD, sacrificing convenience for something a little more immersive.

How is CBD Wax Made?

CBD wax may look unusual, but its high CBD content is proof that very little interference is needed during the extraction process to unlock those unique benefits.

Our CBD Wax is broad spectrum, which means many of the other compounds found in the hemp plant are preserved during the extraction process. This is great for users, as isolating the CBD means missing out on the ‘entourage effect’, which researchers say could be even more beneficial to our health.

Once extracted, the CBD is heated until it thickens into wax. At this point, it can be infused with specific terpenes – nothing artificial – or left with its natural taste which, again, will depend on the strain of the plan from which the CBD was extracted.

Is CBD Wax Strong?

Yes, it’s generally a lot stronger than the average CBD oil or edible, although it’s important to remember that it’s used in a smaller quantity. Our CBD waxes feature 85% CBD. Once heated, however, the wax generally produces an effect similar to that of oil – although, as always, how the CBD affects you will depend on a wide range of factors, and particularly how familiar you are with CBD.

For beginners, a lower strength CBD oil or edible may be a better option to begin with, just while you get used to your tolerance level. Once you’re more familiar with CBD, it’s easier to experiment.

Is CBD Wax Legal in the UK?

Yes. Since CBD wax contains only a trace (<0.01%) of THC, which is the compound capable of producing that intoxicating high associated with smoking or ingesting marijuana, it’s perfectly legal.

As always, however, it’s still important that you make sure you’re only shopping from a reputable source, especially if you’re still finding your feet in the world of CBD. Marijuana remains a controlled substance in the UK, while hemp products are safe to buy and use.

CBD wax is (arguably) the best way to experience the incredible world of flavour that the hemp flower has to offer. We carefully select our terpenes to create the most enveloping, flavour-fuelled experiences possible, whether you’re enjoying the fruity notes of our OG Alien Wax or the candy vibes of our Forbidden Fruit flavour.

Take a look at our full range of CBD products, or brush up on your CBD knowledge on our blog before finding the right fit for you.

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